I guess my first entry will be the process of getting my personal site, summerdew.com up and going.

I code, I like playing with design [making no claims of ability here] but I HATE configuration. Especially on servers. I decided I wanted to learn RoR [Ruby on Rails] and what better way then to just jump in.
I jumped right into the middle of everything, choosing a hosting service because a couple friends used it and it stated to support rails. Of course after I actually had the beginning of my rails app, I find out the host doesn’t support rails 3.x, now out for over a year.

So for now, I’m forwarding to Heroku and deciding whether to run an old version of rails on my current host, to learn PHP, or switch to a new host.

Being impulsive I wanted something up the moment I got the e-mail saying the domain summerdew.com was mine.
Now that it’s up, I can actually spend some time figuring out what will work the best for this site.

Excited & agitated!