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I’ve tried tons of hydrating/repairing hair treatments – at-home recipes, cheap, & expensive store bought “remedies” – but never finding anything that really worked. The problem is always finding “what works best for you.” It sounds simple enough but with all of the products and suggestions how do you possibly try it all to find out what “works best”??

With all the hype for Argan oil, I had to try it! …still no dice. Something had to give, so I took to the internet and searched and searched and searched for products that claimed to help hydrate, and soften damaged brittle hair. After narrowing down my list based on reviews, I then broke each of those products down by ingredient and looked up, yes, each ingredient. I really wish I kept all of that research! But hopefully I won’t be needing it again because I’ve found a combination that has me really REALLY excited!

Monoi hair mask + Argan oil

What gives?! I JUST said Argan oil doesn’t work?!

I tried each separately and was not overly impressed by either. Losing hope, I thought each seemed like they had potential but didn’t put me over the edge. Having extra of both and thinking each seemed to lack something my hair needed, one night I tried them together. That was the end of that! The next day I washed it out and wow, my hair felt amazing in the shower. But would the softness last once I dried it? It did! But what was even more awesome?! My hair was drying on it’s own..and fast!.. and took almost no time to blow dry!

Needless to say..I haven’t turned back. Now if I could just figure out how to keep my hair from tangling!

I haven’t been using this combination for long. For about a month it was the same awesome results, but will my hair improve with continued use?? I don’t know yet, I will keep using it and see.


The procedure:

  • Section hair into 4-5 sections – more or less depending on thickness of hair
  • Take ~5 drops of argan oil, a glob of the monoi mask and rub together in hands – you can always premix. (my hair is long, adjust accordingly)
  • Saturate section of hair from just off roots to ends, my hair gets oil fairly fast so I don’t want to over condition right on my roots
  • Repeat till all sections are done
  • Finish, with a small amount of the mixture, with a quick scalp massage
  • Optional. Wrap hair in a heated wrap – or use shower cap and blow dry
  • .. and when ready for bed, wrap hair in a hair towel and let it work all night

Next day I only shampoo my roots and let the shampoo rinse everything else out. If you don’t over shampoo, there’s no need for conditioner. The results are much softer, yummy smelling hair. Even the boyfriend noticed! He noticed when I was using it and when I wasn’t…for him this is AMAZING.

Have you tried anything, a little different, that’s worked wonders for you??