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I have to start off with an apology. I started writing this 11 months ago. It’s provided such a change – for the better – in my life. I wish I hadn’t forgotten about this and shared it ASAP. So, let’s get to it. 🙂

I am here to present you with a challenge, to hopefully help you recognize any negativity in your life.

Challenge: Go one whole day without saying anything negative.
Encourage your friends to join in, it’s much easier when everyone around you is part of the challenge. Keep track of any silent moments, that would have been filled with negativity. That will help you realize how much of your daily life consists of negativity.

When I first heard this challenge, I was excited. In my life, I had already decided to just be happier. It seemed to make perfect sense to recognize and eliminate negativity.

When I started this challenge, I started recognizing my own influence and addition to the negativity I experienced. I had a tendency to jump to conclusions and cast judgements, based on assumptions, not actual truth.

But what I found was that this challenge really presented.. well, a whole new challenge. It took me beyond, to a place where even when confronted with negativity, such as an extremely rude person, I would have to maintain a positive attitude. Instead of jumping down that condescending basta….oh there I go.. that persons throat, I recognized it was an unhealthy and extremely unproductive situation. Just walk away. Really, is there anything you could say? If you match their hostility, will that solve anything? No. Probably not. That person is more likely to be shocked by a positive response, then a negative.

Who knows? You may even spark something in that person..