Last year I decided to bring more beauty into my life by starting some beauty resolutions. But why did I post it in the middle of the year?

So, I don’t know about you but once the end of the year hits, I’ve all but forgotten (and sometimes even forgotten) what my resolutions were almost 365 days ago. Well, I’ve slowly been changing the way I look at resolutions and last years list was only a glance. Actually, my outlook on life has also changed – and will continue to.

Life is a constant improvement. I always had this impression that once you were an adult you were done. You were you and nothing would change that. Now I know better.

We have a way of getting into a groove, we surround ourselves with like minded individuals and suddenly this point of view is the only point of view. At least the only valid one. Maybe I’ll go more in-depth on this topic later but for now I’m going to focus on an ongoing transformation. Life is not stagnent, it does not stand still. It is constantly growing and changing, being shaped by the people and the greater world. Why should our inner world be any different?

I’ve taken to a new kind of resolution. One that is constantly growing, or shrinking, but it is always changing. The resolutions I posted last year was a single aspect of my life I decided to share. On Jan. 1, 2012, I guarantee I did not have that list of resolutions. That list was a result of past desires, and new realizations that came together over several months. Things I had thought were important, things I later found to be important, and that list surely dwindled as things became less important. And by the end of last year, that list had changed even more, for what I feel is the better.

That is my new *resolution*. As time goes on, I slowly shape who I want to become. Did you catch that? SLOWLY. It’s easy to look at a picture of someone and say, yes, by summer I want to look like that. But why not become that person?! (Disclaimer: Please….not literally.) Think to yourself, what does it take to be who I *want* to be? Then figure out how to work it into your life. Slowly it becomes habit and habit becomes you. But it doesn’t have to be entirely superficial. Learn to not take yourself so seriously.┬áLearn to question yourself. I think questioning yourself is the best thing you can do. But you have to be as objective as you can! Always felt like something is a fact? Ask yourself why? You may find yourself changing your point of view! I know I’ve looked back and was truly embarrassed how closed-minded I was (and still am? We’ll see in a year. ­čśë ).