Over the last couple years it’s seemed like many to-your-doorstep grocery deliveries have appeared. Personally, I was always curious but never tried any..till now.

When I saw Hello Fresh it was the perfect combination of exactly what I’ve been looking for and I hoped it would make the perfect dinner surprise!

Hello Fresh Box

My first Hello Fresh box.

First, was new recipes. I find variety to be so important in keeping me interested. I was starting to fall out of the habit of cooking and back into eating out because I just didn’t know what to make. They have a “classic” or “veggie” box option. Since I’m always looking for yummy veggie recipes, I opted for veggie. Second, trying out new recipes had ended up with a lot of waste because I would buy ingredients with only one dish in mind. I would try to look up other dishes but it really started getting too stressful. They only send exactly what you need, so extra ingredients aren’t sitting in the fridge getting old. Third is convenience. I always thought when groceries were delivered to my door I’d have be there to pick it up. However, since they send it insulated with cooling packs, I can send it to work, where I don’t have to worry about it getting nicked, and take it home at the end of the day, without worrying about wilting.

Sure that all sounds great but what’s really important is…how was it??

We laid out all the ingredients, got out the wine and started whipping up our first Hello Fresh meal.


Risotto ingredients

I have to admit halfway through I was starting to get skeptical. Barley? For Risotto? Is that normal? Kale??? That’s a lot of kale! This smells too healthy…

The result however was surprisingly astounding. It was utterly delicious. I’m saving the recipe and planning on making it again. If nothing else works out, I’m happy to have added this new amazingly yummy dish to my arsenal.

If you’ve never heard of them, check them out. If you decide you want to try it out, enter this code 28HQ7M at checkout for $20 off your first order. If you want to know how the other two meals for this week turned out first, ask and I’ll tell ya!