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Beginning of this year, I told myself to wear a pair of earrings every single day. Simple enough, besides having to remember, yet opened up a whole new world.

We all get stuck in a rut, and fall into the same habits everyday [month-after-month, year-after-year]. It’s so easy! But what if we kept trying something new and stepped out of our comfort zone? I’ve found I love trying new things. Styles I never would’ve imagined myself wearing or makeup I hadn’t even considered, as little as a year or two ago.

I started this year with one goal and have slowly been adding to a mental list. I ran into another blog listing , and thought, I need to formalize my list, and encouraging everyone to create one too.


I vow to:

Wear earrings every day.

Be myself.

Reduce negativity.

Get enough sleep.

Don’t brush my wet hair.

Use eye cream.

Wear lipstick or lip gloss more often.

Stop ignoring my feet.

Eat healthier.

Exercise more.

Drink lots of water.

Have better posture.

Learn to not feel guilty if I over eat, eat bad, or don’t exercise.

Always wash off my makeup before bed.

Moisturize moisturize moisturize.

Learn to apply my daytime makeup in 5 minutes or less.

Clean my makeup and makeup brushes more often.

Experiment with makeup, hair, nails, and clothes.

Stop over plucking my eyebrows.

Not abuse my curling iron or blow dryer.

Volunteer at a charity I am passionate about.

Never stop learning.

Love myself.


What are some of yours?