Your perfect shade that is. Seems I’m always on a never ending quest to find the perfect foundation shade. That’s not even touching formulas – cream, liquid, airbrush, etc. There’s just too many options!

Well, this weekend I’m going to be trying out a new beauty device; the new Sephora + PANTONE COLOR IQ. This new beauty tool scans your face, assigns it a PANTONE SkinTone number, then matches you up with the best fit from over 1,500 different foundations.

I’ve been waiting for it to come to Vegas and it finally has, in fact, it’s going to be debuted in several states this Feb. 22 – 24. So spread the word! If you’re skeptical and want to wait, or can’t get to a Sephora holding the event this weekend, then stay tuned. I’ll be writing an update with a review right here.