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I would like to share my two favorite mascaras:

  • they’re Real! by benefit –  ~$23
  • Glam’eyes by Rimmel London –  ~$5.70

There’s a big price difference but the result is virtually identical. After the newness of mascaras wears off, they’re Real!, does start working a bit better. I really don’t care about that minor difference, when the price difference is so high, so daily I tend to use Glam’eyes.

Below is the video of how I apply them but for a quick run-down. I personally like the plastic bristle mascaras, by far. The best way I’ve found to apply the mascara is first distribute the mascara across my eyelashes and then starting from the base of my eyelashes rolling up through the tip of my lashes. Doing this can take a little getting used to but the bristles will literally comb through your lashes, which will help separate them.

Since the video doesn’t have the best resolution, here are two pictures for a better comparison.



Have you found any drugstore equivalents for some of your favorite makeup?