I never wanted to be seen as a cook. That was a “good woman’s” job and I’ve always been set on being disruptive. But that’s just silly. Why should I care what anyone thinks anyways?!

Let’s get into why I’m posting this and what’s going to happen next…

Over the past few months I’ve been part of a health group at Retrofit. They tell me things I’ve heard a million times, help me relate to and actually achieve those things, as well as teach and set new goals I’d never even thought about. One of those things was how to eat healthy.

Don’t get me started, who hasn’t heard that veggies and whole grains are healthy?? But if you don’t eat healthy, would you know the first thing about adding those healthy items and have it taste good? Yes. Taste and enjoyment really are the major factors.

Quickly after learning about the “balanced plate” and portion sizes I knew, this was going to be hard. Trying to find yummy and “balanced” options at restaurants (and family gatherings) was getting really hard, really annoying, really fast. I felt like I was the only one in the entire world who cared about trying to start down the healthy road. Of course I knew I wasn’t.

One brilliant night I realized, I have power over what I eat. All I had to do was address some long standing prejudices and I’d be good to go. Oh… and learn how to cook.

So what better way than to just jump in! Before you ask, or if you already have, no I didn’t poison anyone. It actually turned out great! Yea, I would say that. So why don’t you just ask the boyfriend! Wait. That may not convince you either. Well it really did turn out great and for a few reasons. After getting over the scared, stressed, I have no idea what I’m doing phase, cooking turned out to be kind of relaxing. Is that a surprise? ‘Cause it was to me. I also found that once you get a bit of a groove going it’s not that hard. Ya’ know, I’m just going to preface this with, everything I discovered from cooking was a surprise. Grocery shopping changed from something I hated to something that’s more than tolerable, in fact, sometimes even enjoyable. It is also a whole lot easier to eat healthier. Okay, maybe not everything was a surprise. I’m sure I could think of many other benefits but I don’t think you or I need an exhaustive list.

So now to the point. First off, thanks for letting me share this minor life development with you. Also, I’ve decided that I need a place to keep my recipes* and what better place than somewhere where I can find, oh, and also share. ;D

*By recipes I mean, general guidelines which probably won’t have any kind of measurements and/or can be entirely or partially ignored or altered in whatever way you please.

Also if you’re looking for solely healthy recipes, you may find some here but I make no guarantees. I did mention my relationship with food is about enjoyment right?

Please feel free to share your recipes! I’m always looking for something new, different, and interesting. Boring is ok too.

Happy cooking!