I’m no fashion expert, most days I’m wearing sweats or jeans & a t-shirt but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dress up too.

This is just a place where I’ll start putting together a list of tips/tricks learned over the years of performing and throughout life.

First things first. Base. There are SO MANY options, how can you possibly find the right one for you?

I’ve learned that finding the right TYPE for you’re skin type should be the first step in choosing what base to get.

Is your skin, dry, oily, combination, large pores, wrinkles, acne prone, etc. I can’t tell you what every skin type needs. Sorry.

As for me, I’ve got combination. I need a base that isn’t oily, but isn’t drying either. I’d like enough coverage without clogging my pores. Cool. Now what?

First, I’ve found that a green tinted primer is great for reducing redness. -I don’t use it much though

Second, I’ve always gotten the best coverage with liquid base but most tend to be too heavy and oil based and they don’t have a long wear time. Powders last longer but is too drying.

Finally, I’ve found a great solution for all of my problems..AND I think it’s a perfect solution for many other women too.

Airbrush makeup

There were two airbrush systems I found that seemed to have lots of great reviews, Dinair and Temptu. Since both had great reviews and Dinair was cheaper, it seemed like a great beginners choice. I’ve been using Dinair for several months now & am very happy with my decision.

It’s very easy to layer for extra coverage, all over or only in certain areas. It’s also great for, what I’ll call shading. For example, you can add a couple drops of a lighter color and highlight [or low-light] any area you wish.

What’s even better, it’s water based, you get all the coverage you want and long wear time. Dinair even has a line that is waterproof and great for a more heavy duty coverage, such as rosacea or tattoos.

At this point you’re probably wondering, what’s the catch, it can’t be all good. Well, airbrush makeup is time consuming. If makeup is left in the Dinair system, it hardens and clogs the airbrush. However, I’ve found a great trick when you’re running late and don’t want to properly clean your airbrush.
Adding a couple drops of rubbing alcohol or the cleaner that comes with the airbrush has, so far, kept the airbrush from getting clogged up. You just have to make sure you rinse all of the solution from the airbrush before you use it again.

Last I checked Dinair is only available online, here
Temptu is available at Sephora