So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, even though a lot of possible topics have cropped up. I just never seemed to get around to posting anything. So here I am with, from what I can tell, is a pretty explosive topic.

Female Characters in gaming. Who woulda thought?

While it might be counter productive to post my opinion first…..I’m going to anyways.

My take:

Female characters are overly sexual, freakishly proportioned, scantily clad, sex fiends. STOP! I know that mind of yours is already running with (depending on your stance on the matter) ‘they’re catering to a male audience’, ‘STFU FEMINIST WH*R*’, etc.

Let me make this perfectly clear… (In my opinion) An overly sexual, freakishly proportioned, scantily clad, sex fiend female character is NOT THE PROBLEM. *WHEW*

Alright…soo, what is my issue?? The fact that this is the genre of ALL female characters, minus maybe a few..somewhere. Absolutely keep the sex kitten character but could we also have a character less focused on sexual manipulation? It’s the lack of depth and variety of female characters that drives me crazy.


The issue: (as I see it)

Women are frustrated because while they may (I’m making no attempt to speak for all women) be fine with their physical endowments being oogled, they probably want other redeeming, non-physical, characteristics highlighted as well. However, the idea of female inequality has been beaten into us, so many people shut down at the possibility. So, women are labeled as feminists at these types of thoughts or statements. I haven’t personally experienced the other end of this, so maybe someone would like to share their opinion here.

So, the way I see it, the two sides are so immediately defensive, we end up with name calling on both sides and completely forget about the issue that even started all of it. We just want a kick-ass female character that didn’t take two hours to prepare for a fight & have her ‘armor’ spray painted on.


I absolutely love this 5 min video and suggest you watch it.


Solution: ..?

Well..again personally. Can we just add the kick-ass, rugged female characters…right along side the Succubi??