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My blog is currently undergoing a facelift, so please excuse any odd behaviors.

I have also decided to switch comment engines and in this cutover may lose old comments. Sorry to any previous commenters. This is a change I put off but decided is better to do now, rather than later, or not at all.

xo, Summer


I never wanted to be seen as a cook. That was a “good woman’s” job and I’ve always been set on being disruptive. But that’s just silly. Why should I care what anyone thinks anyways?!

Let’s get into why I’m posting this and what’s going to happen next…

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Designer vs. Drugstore Mascara


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I would like to share my two favorite mascaras:

  • they’re Real! by benefit –  ~$23
  • Glam’eyes by Rimmel London –  ~$5.70

There’s a big price difference but the result is virtually identical. After the newness of mascaras wears off, they’re Real!, does start working a bit better. I really don’t care about that minor difference, when the price difference is so high, so daily I tend to use Glam’eyes.

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