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My blog is currently undergoing a facelift, so please excuse any odd behaviors.

I have also decided to switch comment engines and in this cutover may lose old comments. Sorry to any previous commenters. This is a change I put off but decided is better to do now, rather than later, or not at all.

xo, Summer


I never wanted to be seen as a cook. That was a “good woman’s” job and I’ve always been set on being disruptive. But that’s just silly. Why should I care what anyone thinks anyways?!

Let’s get into why I’m posting this and what’s going to happen next…

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Designer vs. Drugstore Mascara


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I would like to share my two favorite mascaras:

  • they’re Real! by benefit –  ~$23
  • Glam’eyes by Rimmel London –  ~$5.70

There’s a big price difference but the result is virtually identical. After the newness of mascaras wears off, they’re Real!, does start working a bit better. I really don’t care about that minor difference, when the price difference is so high, so daily I tend to use Glam’eyes.

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Negativity.. Or Not


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I have to start off with an apology. I started writing this 11 months ago. It’s provided such a change – for the better – in my life. I wish I hadn’t forgotten about this and shared it ASAP. So, let’s get to it. :)

I am here to present you with a challenge, to hopefully help you recognize any negativity in your life.

Challenge: Go one whole day without saying anything negative.
Encourage your friends to join in, it’s much easier when everyone around you is part of the challenge. Keep track of any silent moments, that would have been filled with negativity. That will help you realize how much of your daily life consists of negativity.

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